It has been six days since I jumped from straight juice. It took my body a few days to recover. It just wasn't used to eating solid food. I have continued to stay caffeine free without much issue. I have also stayed away from the sweets. It is rather amazing what a 5 day reboot can do. It really is a good way to jump into a new way of eating.

There has only been one day of none healthiness. I spent the day in Juarez, MX helping in a soup kitchen and later painting at a teen home. We all went out to lunch as a team for lunch and then later for dinner. I could have packed something healthy and had planned on it, but walked out of the house without my cooler.

As a result, I enjoyed some steak tacos and some fresh made horchata for lunch. That evening more tacos and a beer. Both of these things were amazing as it has been many months since having tacos and maybe the same on the beer. That was a few days ago and I have since continued to control my portions and staying away from desserts. I have also been to the gym on weekdays.

In two days I will reweigh myself and see what if any weight loss has continued. I know it will slow down now that I am off the juice only plan, but I hope with the working out and being more conscious of my food choices 

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