So after five days of pure juice, I am excited to eat some solid food. Yesterday was hard, knowing that I was going to eat some solid food today, glad I held out.

This is called Berry Apple Bake. 

The recipe is on the rebootwithjoe.com website along with a lot of other options for healthy meals.

As I still have another 50 pounds I'd like to lose and a longer life to live, I'm going to be much more intentional about my food choices. This mix is in the oven now and in 15 minutes my first bite of solid food. :Dd

So I jumped on the scale this morning after 5 days of juice only. And I have to say the results are pretty amazing. I think it really tells me how horrible I was eating before.

I'm not going to continue juicing. At least not only juice. I will incorporate it into my routine, but I'm going to eat healthier.

Here I am at the middle of day five. Feeling good and enjoying a Garden Variety juice for lunch.

This is the last day of my reboot and tomorrow I start transitioning back to regular food.

I will be doing a combo of juice and food and exercise for a while longer until I reach my goals.

I haven't weighed myself since beginning this deal 5 days ago. But tomorrow I will and post results.

I honestly can't believe I went 5 days a pure juice. Awesome.


Well I finished up day three with a Purple Passion from the 5-Day reboot. It was very good. Grapes, Blue Berries and Mint from our garden. So good.

I'm on day four and doing pretty well. I've been feeling hungry. Drinking more fluids to keep it under control.

One more day!

About 6pm last  night the headache got worse and I started feeling pretty bad. I finally took some advil. After about an hour the headache tapered off. The worse part of it all was I felt like I was going to throw up. I was feeling awful. I got out of the house to get some shopping done and wasn't sure I was gonna make through the store without blowing chunks.

I got home had some herbal tea which calmed things down... finished an episode of 24 on Netflix and then crashed. I slept a bit better than the night before. Here's hoping for a better day today.

I've read that a bit of ginger may help the nausea, so we're throwing some into the mix today. Also others have said beet root made their stomachs upset, so I'm avoiding that today.

Here's to day 3.
Sitting in my car outside another house that I started photographing today. Lock box is dead so I could only do the exterior.

I've got this pounding in my head on my head all around my head. Ouch!!!!

Checked a what to expect calendar and well this is spot on. It says day 2/3 can be hard and the suffering you're facing is due to the binge you took the day before you started this plan. And that's about right. Taco Bell burritos and Mountain Dew the day before. They are haunting me now.

Sleep last night was pretty horrible too not sure that has anything to do with Juicing but hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.

Made my best juice as of yet... It's a variation on the garden variety from the 5 day plan.

2 green apples

6-8 kale leaves

2 cucumbers

Bunch of parsley

  I added:

1/2 jalapeño

1 garlic clove

2 small tomatoes

1 celery stalk

It's awesome. Having it for dinner too.

As I write this, I'm polishing off my last juice for the day! It's the peach pie something or other minus the blueberries because I forgot to put them in. I have to say that I like the breakfast and dessert juice menu items best... I'm going to have to do some experimenting on the midday juices...

If a fellow juicer stumbles upon this post, feel free to share your best green concoction.

The day went pretty smooth with only a minor episode of headache. I didn't really crave anything or miss anything, but they say the harder days are coming up.

Thought I'd share what a bit of my work... I have the great pleasure and blessing of being a real estate photographer. I get to peak into the beautiful homes around our wonderful city each week.

Closing it down for the night.

Made my second juice for the day... green lemonade. Included in the recipe were spinach leaves. I found that the leaves didn't juice well.... seemed to slip through without getting fully shredded.

This is my first green juice... I have to be honest, the morning juice tastes better, but I think this one will become pretty easy to drink. 

So my first morning of a five day reboot. I'm surprised at how good the juice tastes. My family is too. I may slowly win them over. They all think I'm nuts right now.

I juiced:

4 carrots

1 lemon

2 apples

Pretty good. So far so good.


So I made first trip to the grocery store today and here is what my life looks like. I think there are more veggies and fruits on this table than I have eaten in the last year. And I'm going to consume them in the next five days. My body may go into shock.

Tomorrow morning it begins.