I've been at this thing for 10 weeks. Kind of hard to believe. So happy I've stuck with it.

For the most part I have changed the way I eat.

Stopped some bad habits like, eating at Taco Bell, eating regularly at Buffalo Wild Wings, making my almost nightly run to Walmart to get a pint of ice cream.

Started some good ones: working out 5 days a week eating many more greens meals, going to bed earlier, drinking juice (that I have juiced).

I have lost a ton... 36 pounds, but in all honesty, I need to drop at least another 17 - 27 pounds. And I need to start lifting a bit too.

Photography is something I love. I enjoy "the hunt" as my wife calls it. Thinking about, planning, chasing and capturing the image. The past week has provided me with some great opportunities. Tonight the cotton field with a full moon and last weekend in Santa Fe chasing the Aspens... with a surprise snowfall.

You can see more of my photos over at stevenjolly.com.


So close! Two more pounds and I find myself in the 220's. It's been almost eight years since I've seen those numbers on a scale.

This weekend I'm heading out to go camping. I love to go away from the city every now and then to enjoy the outdoors. Growing up in Oregon; hunting, fishing and camping for most of my young life has implanted deep in me the need to get out there.

With a wife and kids and work I am not able to do it as often as I like, but with a wonderful wife comes the rare trip away. So this weekend I'll be heading north to the mountains of New Mexico in search of fall color. I've never been up there to shoot the Aspens. I hoped to go last year, but schedules didn't permit it. So I'm grabbing my low temp sleeping bag, my camera and my boots. I'll be hiking around the mountains and enjoying the beauty of our landscapes!


It's been 40 days since I started this journey to a better lifestyle. I'm happy to say that I've lost 28 pounds so far and for the most part it has been a fairly painless ordeal. This weekend started to struggle little bit on the elliptical but I am going to push through and hopefully it will get easier again like it did towards the beginning. I'm looking forward to losing these last 5 pounds to get into the 220s.