Well I had a pretty long post, but then the weebly app crashed and I lost it.

All that work to say... Wow I'm down 24 pounds. Heading into the gym right now as I begin my next week of kicking my fat butt into shape.


As I was watching a documentary this morning called the Gerson Miracle, I realized another benefit of making the lifestyle change that began nearly four weeks ago.

Before jumping into a new eating/exercise pattern of life that began with a five day juice fast, I would experience multiple headaches a week. My headaches would last days and required 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours to control them.

Since day two of the juice fast I have not had a headache. It has been nearly 30 days without a headache.

This along with the weight loss cannot. Wow. It has been a good change for me.

So after five days of pure juice, I am excited to eat some solid food. Yesterday was hard, knowing that I was going to eat some solid food today, glad I held out.

This is called Berry Apple Bake. 

The recipe is on the rebootwithjoe.com website along with a lot of other options for healthy meals.

As I still have another 50 pounds I'd like to lose and a longer life to live, I'm going to be much more intentional about my food choices. This mix is in the oven now and in 15 minutes my first bite of solid food. :Dd