I've been at this thing for 10 weeks. Kind of hard to believe. So happy I've stuck with it.

For the most part I have changed the way I eat.

Stopped some bad habits like, eating at Taco Bell, eating regularly at Buffalo Wild Wings, making my almost nightly run to Walmart to get a pint of ice cream.

Started some good ones: working out 5 days a week eating many more greens meals, going to bed earlier, drinking juice (that I have juiced).

I have lost a ton... 36 pounds, but in all honesty, I need to drop at least another 17 - 27 pounds. And I need to start lifting a bit too.

Well I had a pretty long post, but then the weebly app crashed and I lost it.

All that work to say... Wow I'm down 24 pounds. Heading into the gym right now as I begin my next week of kicking my fat butt into shape.


As I was watching a documentary this morning called the Gerson Miracle, I realized another benefit of making the lifestyle change that began nearly four weeks ago.

Before jumping into a new eating/exercise pattern of life that began with a five day juice fast, I would experience multiple headaches a week. My headaches would last days and required 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours to control them.

Since day two of the juice fast I have not had a headache. It has been nearly 30 days without a headache.

This along with the weight loss cannot. Wow. It has been a good change for me.

I have been at this journey for almost three weeks now. I have to say that I am surprised by the loss of weight this week. For some reason I expected it to be the same or have gained.

I have continued watch what I eat except for one meal this week where I ate at PeiWei. It was a lot of food. Other than that I ate pretty well. I also stuck with the Elliptical at the gym. I upped the time to 45 minutes these last couple of days because of what I said earlier about not losing anything.

So... 20 down and another 40 or so to go. I'm pretty sure I will hit a wall. I don't think I can continue to lose at this rate. What I do know is that the juice fast I started this whole journey with had a big impact on my diet. It broke old bad habits that I had and really was a great way to get back on track. 

Looking forward to next weeks weigh in. 

I am excited to say that after 7 days back on solid food I have continued to lose weight. Obviously it isn't as dramatic as the weight loss on an all juice plan, but 15 pounds.

So I've got another 48 to go. At this rate it'll be a few months down the road still. And Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. Ugh.

I could be there by the new year if I continue losing at this rate.

Here's hoping.

It has been six days since I jumped from straight juice. It took my body a few days to recover. It just wasn't used to eating solid food. I have continued to stay caffeine free without much issue. I have also stayed away from the sweets. It is rather amazing what a 5 day reboot can do. It really is a good way to jump into a new way of eating.

There has only been one day of none healthiness. I spent the day in Juarez, MX helping in a soup kitchen and later painting at a teen home. We all went out to lunch as a team for lunch and then later for dinner. I could have packed something healthy and had planned on it, but walked out of the house without my cooler.

As a result, I enjoyed some steak tacos and some fresh made horchata for lunch. That evening more tacos and a beer. Both of these things were amazing as it has been many months since having tacos and maybe the same on the beer. That was a few days ago and I have since continued to control my portions and staying away from desserts. I have also been to the gym on weekdays.

In two days I will reweigh myself and see what if any weight loss has continued. I know it will slow down now that I am off the juice only plan, but I hope with the working out and being more conscious of my food choices 
So after five days of pure juice, I am excited to eat some solid food. Yesterday was hard, knowing that I was going to eat some solid food today, glad I held out.

This is called Berry Apple Bake. 

The recipe is on the rebootwithjoe.com website along with a lot of other options for healthy meals.

As I still have another 50 pounds I'd like to lose and a longer life to live, I'm going to be much more intentional about my food choices. This mix is in the oven now and in 15 minutes my first bite of solid food. :Dd

So I jumped on the scale this morning after 5 days of juice only. And I have to say the results are pretty amazing. I think it really tells me how horrible I was eating before.

I'm not going to continue juicing. At least not only juice. I will incorporate it into my routine, but I'm going to eat healthier.


Well I finished up day three with a Purple Passion from the 5-Day reboot. It was very good. Grapes, Blue Berries and Mint from our garden. So good.

I'm on day four and doing pretty well. I've been feeling hungry. Drinking more fluids to keep it under control.

One more day!

Sitting in my car outside another house that I started photographing today. Lock box is dead so I could only do the exterior.

I've got this pounding in my head on my head all around my head. Ouch!!!!

Checked a what to expect calendar and well this is spot on. It says day 2/3 can be hard and the suffering you're facing is due to the binge you took the day before you started this plan. And that's about right. Taco Bell burritos and Mountain Dew the day before. They are haunting me now.

Sleep last night was pretty horrible too not sure that has anything to do with Juicing but hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.

Made my best juice as of yet... It's a variation on the garden variety from the 5 day plan.

2 green apples

6-8 kale leaves

2 cucumbers

Bunch of parsley

  I added:

1/2 jalapeño

1 garlic clove

2 small tomatoes

1 celery stalk

It's awesome. Having it for dinner too.