I find myself at 40+ and not in a very healthy spot. Growing up in Oregon, we spent a large part of our time outdoors.

Camping, Fishing, sports.

As it is with a lot of people, at least as it appears on FB, we've all put on more pounds. Slower lifestyle? Slower metabolism? Too much beer? Whatever the reason, the pounds on this body have come on strong and now it's time to fight back. So I've decided to get a bit extreme.

I just watched, FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD... and I'm sure as some have, I'm going to do it. I have yet to weigh myself, but I don't doubt that I'm as heavy as I. HAVE. EVER. BEEN. I want to get back to 200 pounds. I don't know how much that is right now, but I know I've got my target weight and I'm taking aim.


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